Stunning Pinot Grigio grapes on the Vines at Casa Valduga Vineyards in the Bento Goncalvez region in Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil. 

Our Local Berry Stand in the first week of BC Strawberry Season, May 2017. 

Strawberry bushes in Delta, BC at Emma Lea Farms. Nearly ready to bloom, Spring 2017.

The perfect strawberry blossom on one of Berry Haven's bushes in the spring of 2017.

50 Days Dry Aged Certified Angus AAA Prime Rib with the bone on. 

50 Days Dry Aged Certified Angus AAA Prime Rib, trimmed and ready for the oven! THE best piece of meat I've ever made. The dry aging process certainly makes a difference in the flavour and tenderness. 


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